In the fall of 1979, John Paul II was one year into a transformative papacy filled with hope and dynamism. Northern Ireland was a decade into the Troubles, a bloody conflict that shrouded all of Ireland in gloom. The dramatic encounter between this charismatic Polish Pope and the “land of Saints and Scholars,” is captured poignantly in John Paul II in Ireland: A Plea for Peace.

“On my knees, I beg you, to turn away from the paths of violence...”

During those three eventful days, John Paul attracted a third of the country to welcome him in person, and spoke directly to those engaged in violence, imploring them to seek a peaceful resolution. Narrated by JIm Caviezel, A Plea for Peace draws from a notable array of interviews including prominent political, religious and cultural figures such as Seamus Mallon, Martin Mansergh, John Bruton, Harold Good, Lord David Alton, Ronan Mullen, Dana Scallon, Shane O’Doherty, Tim Pat Coogan, Carl Anderson and many more.

This riveting film is at once a historical documentary of the Northern Ireland Peace Process, a retrospective of one of Ireland’s greatest living memories, and a spiritual reflection on the biblical mustard seed, seen through the prism of individuals who, inspired by John Paul’s words, bore fruit, and ultimately brought peace to Northern Ireland.

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Saturday 29 September

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